If the Rogue’s competitors were hoping to dethrone the king of crossovers, they’ll just have to wait for yet another year. The 2020 Rogue continues to do everything that made this Nissan crowd-pleaser an American favorite, and then it does some more for good measure.

S FWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $25,300

SV FWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $26,720

SL FWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $31,690

S AWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $26,650

SV AWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $28,070

SL AWD    2.5 Liter I4    CVT    $33,040